Completed Projects

The National Appendicectomy Audit:

The National Appendicectomy Audit took place in May and June 2012. PSTRN members from 19 UK Paediatric Surgical Units took part in the study which examined variation in service provision and outcome between centres in the UK. The main report from the study comprising data obtained from adult and paediatric centres was published in the British Journal of Surgery in 2013. All PSTRN members who contributed were named as collaborators in the publication.

A second report analysing variation amongst only Paediatric Surgical centres was presented at the 2013 BAPS Annual Congress in Bournemouth and has recently been accepted for publication in the Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

A further analysis of outcomes of paediatric appendicectomy performed at general surgery units and specialist paediatric units in the UK has been performed by members of the PSTRN. This was also presented at the 2013 BAPS Annual Congress in Bournemouth and a report is currently under consideration for publication.

The National Appendicectomy Study was the first study in which the PSTRN participated. It demonstrated the feasibility of obtaining high quality prospectively collected data by members of a paediatric surgery trainee research collaborative.