Our constitution can be found here.


Writing team / Publication policy / Data sharing:

The PSTRN has adopted a clear writing and publication policy for all studies for clarification and transparency.


Writing team:

For the main report of each study a writing team will be established comprising the study lead(s) and the top recruiters for that study.
Whilst the precise number of individuals on the writing team will be at the discretion of the study leads, the PSTRN aims to encourage individuals interested in contributing to scientific reports and aims to provide such opportunity to those who express such an interest.



The authors for any given study will be the study leads and those who formed the writing team. To be eligible, named authors must meet the requirements for authorship set by the ICMJE. Named authors will be making the publication ‘on behalf of the PSTRN’ using the established group authorship model. All collaborators for any given study will be listed as part of the PSTRN within any publication.


Data sharing:

Following publication of the initial report study leads will be encouraged to make the common dataset from any study available to all collaborators for further interrogation, analysis and publication if relevant. Any such analysis will be at the discretion of the study leads. Any publication arising from such further analysis must use the group authorship model as above and list all collaborators.